12 Ways To Last longer In Bed For Men

If you’ve been struggling with how to last longer in bed, then don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to make it happen. As a coach specializing in sexual performance and satisfaction, I have helped many people improve their lasting power over the years.

Here are 11 top tips for making sure that your time between the sheets is satisfying for both you and her.

Get To Know Your Body Better

One of the best things you can do before trying any kind of technique or exercise aimed at improving your stamina is simply get more comfortable with yourself sexually first. You should learn what works best when it comes to getting aroused quickly and what makes you last longer. This could involve using a vibrator to explore your body, taking time with foreplay or simply experimenting and trying new things.

Improve Your Physical Fitness

A good level of physical fitness is important if you want to make sure that both parties are satisfied in the bedroom – not only will it help improve stamina but also general confidence levels too. So try going for regular runs and hitting the gym more often; this way, when it comes to sex itself, those long-lasting muscles should be able to work their magic!

Control Your Breathing

Taking control over how we breathe during sex can be a great way to help us last longer. Focusing on your breath and taking deep, slow breaths in through the nose while letting out long exhales is an excellent tool for regulating arousal levels during intercourse; this allows you both to remain calm so that more pleasure can be achieved with less stimulation!

Stimulate Yourself During Foreplay

It’s important not only physically but also mentally when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Try stimulating yourself before sex – either by using hands or toys – as this will increase endurance naturally over time and make sure that neither party feels rushed into things too quickly.

Take Time Out

If you’re finding it difficult to last as long as your partner would like, then one of the best things you can do is take a break. Stop and remove yourself from the situation for a few moments; this will help calm any feelings of anxiety or tension that may have been caused by trying too hard in order to impress!

Use Condoms

Wearing condoms not only helps protect against STIs but also increases friction during sex – making sure that stimulation levels remain at bay. So don’t forget about them when thinking about how to increase stamina between the sheets!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Being well-hydrated helps to keep our energy levels up during sex – making sure that we can go the distance! So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day and just before having intercourse. This way, your body will be in its best shape for achieving lasting satisfaction!

Experiment With Different Positions

Trying out different positions is a great way to increase stimulation while also helping us last longer too. Switching things up every now and then keeps everyone engaged; this means that neither partner gets bored with one other easily which reduces any potential feelings of restlessness or urgency.

Change Up The Rhythm

If you’re looking to last longer in bed then make sure that your rhythm is constantly changing; this will prevent both parties from getting used to one pace which can lead us toward climaxing quickly. Switch up the speed and intensity regularly – it may take a bit of practice but soon enough, lasting power should increase!

Use Prolonged Foreplay Techniques

As mentioned previously, foreplay is key when it comes to achieving long-lasting pleasure during intercourse. So why not try using techniques such as edging or tantric sex? These forms of prolonged stimulation help build up to a more intense orgasm – making sure that both you and your partner can enjoy the experience for longer!

Be Mindful Of Your Ejaculation

Being aware of our ejaculatory reflex is essential when it comes to improving lasting power. Try contracting your pelvic floor muscles as soon as you feel yourself close to climaxing; this will help slow down arousal levels, giving us time before going all in again. With enough practice, controlling how quickly we reach orgasm should become easier over time!

Communicate Openly And Honestly

Lastly (and most importantly!), make sure that communication between partners remains open throughout. This means being honest about what you’re feeling and not pushing yourself too hard; it also involves providing feedback to one another as soon as something isn’t working. The more comfortable we feel with our partner, the better – leading us towards achieving greater pleasure between the sheets!

All in all, lasting longer during sex doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. With these 11 tips for improving your performance between the sheets, I am sure that both parties can reach maximum satisfaction each time – no matter how long it takes!