How To Last Longer in Bed Naturally Without Pills

This will be an in-depth article on how you can train yourself to last longer in bed.

I’ll be showing everything you need to go from lasting 3 minutes (or less) to 30 minutes every time.

That may seem like a lot, and that it’s out of reach but let me show you how easy it can be to build real stamina and beat premature ejaculation for good.

I’m Ty Somers. I coach guys just like you on the many ways to last longer in bed and today I’ll be showing you 7 different ways that you can help yourself last longer in bed.

I’ve got so much to show you, so let’s get into it.

How To Last 30 Minutes Longer In Bed Naturally

Before I start teaching you your first key skill we need to clear up something. And it’s the way you may be thinking.

you see, many guys who experience premature ejaculation, especially those who have had it for a few years often begin to start accepting the situation and thinking that it’s a part of them and something they are just stuck with.

If you are feeling even slightly like this you need to stop it right now because I promise you that anyone can learn these skills I’m about to show you. No matter how much of a hair-trigger you may have now, this is something you can change.

And next, I’ll show you how to do it..

Emergency Fixes To Last Longer Tonight

Before I show you’re the more powerful techniques and training exercises, we need to make sure you have some quick fixes that you can learn today and use tonight.

the reason I always teach these first is that they are great to give you that extra bit of confidence. you have a few of these up your leave you will know that you will always have a fallback when you feel yourself getting close to the dreaded point of no return too soon.

I have developed a lot of these emergency methods and here ill show you 3 of them.

BTB Method

the TBB method stands for Tounge – Back – Breathe and I teach this to all the men I coach. The best time to apply it is just when you first start to feel your arousal rising too quickly.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Run the tip of your young in a circular motion clockwise around the roof of your mouth.

How To Change Your Thinking To Make Sex Last Longer

People like to break up the mental and physical into two completely separate parts. But it doesn’t work that way here.

Unfortunately, there’s not some magical mindset switch that you can make that alone will cure your premature ejaculation. But when combined with the new techniques and training methods I’ll be showing you, these mental changes that you can make will be a key pillar for your newfound lasting power.

A lack of confidence and panic is a real killer with you’re trying to last in bed and the best way to be confident is to have the actual skills.

Breathing Correctly Will Help You Last Longer In Bed

correct breathing is an absolutely fundamental skill you need to know if you want to last longer in bed. It’s always the first thing I show the guys that I coach and it can help you start lasting longer in bed immediately.